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Great Inspirational Video

Usually there are three types of companies

  1. Enjoy in the beginning suffer at end – TCS
  2. Little masthi and Little work-HCL, wipro
  3. Work now enjoy later – Infosys

Getting into HCL

If you clear the aptitude then be sure that your having 85% chances of getting into the company. The remaining 15% is upto you perform well at the HR level and your going to be the part of the HCL family.


You need to secure a minimum mark in each section, to get through the aptitude so prepare well in all four streams to clear aptitude…


Analytical Aptitude:


Usually probability 4 problems, logarithms 4 problems, exponentials, Combinations, Decimals 3-4 problems, Direction based problems(Trigonometry) 2 problems, Pipes and Cisterns, Simple Interest, Simplification are the areas needed to be concentrated.


 Verbal Aptitude:



The GRE high frequency words will help you in this, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prepositions, Spotting Error, Sentence completion. You can find some tricks in GRE books to solve synonyms and antonyms easily.




C, C++, RDBMS, JAVA, Data structures(4-6questions)

Linked lists, Arrays, Queues, Stacks, Trees, Heaps, Hash tables, graphs,Object oriented programming concepts,input/output, manipulation, methods of referencing and assessing data (including pointers), Iteration, decision-making, recursions

 Logical Reasoning


The section is the tricky part unless you guys practice a little on reading passages and re-arranging the sentences. You will have three to four passage with 3 questions in each so the questions will be like find the synonym of the word and such the regular English we study in our UG.

Rearranging the sentences is also there 5 sentences will be there you need to rearrange them to get a meaningful paragraph there will be two such questions. Find the missing sequence two such questions will be there don’t worry the sequences will be very easy to find. Blood Relations 1 question,Direction  Understanding, Logical Word Sequence, Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Assumption, Data-sufficiency type, Syllogisms

If your college has an online test then keep in mind the following:

  1. You can’t move to the previous question once you click next
  2. Each section will have its own time if u complete the section earlier the excess time will not be added to the next section.
  3. You will have a time gap of 2 min in between each section to rest.
  4. You can’t jump over questions.


If you are through so far then you can be sure that your going to be into HCL unless you spoil it by yourself..

So most of you would be guessing how can you guys spoil your chances!! The answer is simpleSpeaking in local languages, most of you would never seen what’s in your in resume because it would have been a copy your friends resume

Cracking the HR interview (It’s a piece of cake as far as I could tell you just 10 min interview)

Spend some time looking into your resume because the questions the HR will be asking will be from your resume(Like what’s your aim, Where do you see yourself after 5 years)

Next important area is the projects. Have a good knowledge of the projects which you have done in the 2 year and also he will be asking you on your final year project so please make a study of the final year project.

Next are some basic questions like Tell me about yourself? Why should I hire you? Why do you want to join HCL why not some other company? Your are of interest. Make a little study about the company.

Some helping videos make sure you pay little attention the first time

Widely asked questions


Some times if your unlucky it could be little technical so for core departments C, Data Structures and Microprocessor for IT departments additional to this you have RDBMS and JAVA to worry about…

He will ask you if there is any questions… Ask him something about company…

Million dollar question tell me about yourself

Hey guys at the end of the above video you will have a link follow it to see more videos



Speak in English and be confident about what you answer…. Have a smile on your face don’t get tensed…


Will update soon on other companies

All the best……..

Expecting comments!!!!!!!!

  1. Nice work pradeep atleast ur not wasting time

  2. troythewar says:

    Thanks da, You knw the idiot he asked me to do it

  3. Ethiraj says:

    Its gud one bro, 🙂
    What is the cutoff in each section????

  4. troythewar says:

    expect the cutoff to be 15-20 in each section!!!

  5. Nicely put from a great blogger

  6. Thanks for the helpful blog.

  7. hello,sir can u tell me is der any cut off 4 hcl ?

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