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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a software services consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, India. TCS is the largest provider of information and business process outsourcing services in Asia. TCS has offices in 42 countries with more than 142 branches across the globe. The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange of India.
TCS is a flagship subsidiary of one of India’s largest and oldest conglomerate company, the Tata Group, which has interests in areas such as energy, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, chemicals, engineering, materials, government and healthcare.
Founded:         1968
Headquarters:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people:     Ratan Tata (Chairman)
                             S Ramadorai (Vice Chairman)
                             N Chandrasekaran (CEO & MD
Employees:    160,429 (As on 31 March 2010)


TCS is a little tough pattern, meanwhile other companies are the same pattern as HCL. TCS has a different pattern. So your RS Agarwal won’t do any magic to be clear it won’t be of any use as far as TCS is concerned..

Pattern followed as per last year 2011 was 35 questions in 40 minutes mostly the questions are in analytical part and the questions are from probability 5questions… Combinations 3 questions… Verbal not much importance it has only 4 to 5 questions.

The important part is that it has negative marking so be careful.. You can navigate between questions you have block where 35 digits are there, you can click on the number you can move to that question and answer so its not going to be like HCL..

TCS aptitude is really tough the only way your going to crack make it to this site and take sample tests, but the access to this site is only through college given id and password which will be given 2 weeks before TCS makes its campus drive. It depends on college on how earlier they give you access to this portal.

You will be allowed to take two online tests after filling up your profile in the portal. The profile filling alone takes around a day to fill. While attending the test online please make a note of all the questions in your book because these questions will be coming for you on the day of your campus drive with only the numbers changed, sometimes the numbers too won’t change. Two online tests so you will attend 70 questions so sit in groups in the college and try to solve all these questions with the help of your friends or may be with the professors help. The key thing is know the procedure well so that even if the numbers are changed you can solve them. Calculators may or may not be allowed, they were allowed in our college.

I can assure you one more thing TCS will make its first drive to SRM univ… So all the other colleges go to freshersworld.comand get the latest TCS papers written by the SRM students and try to solve those. So be carefull its all in your hands for aptitude.

However for boosting up your confidence I am putting up some sample papers of last years from SRM other colleges so that you could see you could solve them.


If your a group college like SRM, Valliamal and Eswari maintain a constant touch with your friends in the other colleges because professors in the other colleges might help them… in one way or the other…

So far, its what you have to do before the campus drive.. On that day you need to know some tricks

  1. The batch that attends the first online exam in the morning will have a lower cut off say may be 16marks out of 35marks
  2. The batch that attends the test at the evening will have higher cutoff say 26 marks out of 35 marks
  3. Prepare well go early and do well

This happens because the friends who come out help the others outside and explain them the procedure to solve them and ultimately a lot of people out there know to solve these problems.. If your going to as a second batch listen to those who are in the first batch and understand the problem solving techniques.. My best suggestion be in the second batch if you want some help or be in the first batch if you know everything.. Never wait till the afternoon its the mistake we do..If your going at the end then you must know everything to the cent…

Don’t ever expect the cut off to be 20 or 30 as your friends say… Every information is faulty there just listen to your mind and answer all the questions you know..

This incident happened in Vel Tech the TCS people promised that they would take up all people who have scored above 20 but in the evening batch the cutoff was 27… If your waiting till evening don’t sit silent be solving and be learning…

Once your done with the aptitude I would say your 70% through… Next 30% is your performance at the HR


HR round ==>Technical+Communication

Make a study of the projects which you have did in your pre-final year and final year this is also a part of the interview.. If your project grabs their attention the number of technical questions asked may decrease…

Expect max of 5 questions or minimum of 2 question from technical side they will ask you to write algorithms, explain the logic…

For core side again you need to know C and data structures for others departments it includes JAVA and RDBMS.

C programming : Pointers, Arrays and also know the logic of some famous programs like Fibonacci series. Go through your first year books and see some of the programs in the books… You can also check out the link below to see some programs


Data Structures know about linked lists and searching concepts are important..

They will ask you to write down the logic of the program

Again here be careful with your resume. You will mention the area of interest please be thorough with the area of interest as most of the questions will be asked from there and they expect the best answers from you. So be thorough with your area of interest.


Next step is to prepare for the regular HR interview questions.. I linked up some videos so that you could check them out…Some other questions include for non IT (How can you fit in without computer background)


Please check out the videos I added earlier in the HCL blog to they will also help you out to get through..

This so far is to check your technical knowledge, TCS has a third part in the interview process that is knowledge about the company.. So be sure to google about the company, to know its latest projects,heir products,recent innovation, their stand in current situation..


Guys as far as the aptitude is concerned please don’t read the answers and go… TCS has 5 lakh questions in database all the questions are the same, sometimes the numbers are the same too but the question asked may change so read the question twice..\


That’s it

All the Best….

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