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This part of the aptitude carries 8 marks in HCL and Infosys its like half of the verbal is synonyms and antonyms. So a little concentration should be provided to this area. Most of the words used are GRE high frequency words and if not they are going to new words.

For early preparation lets say you have couple of months before Infosys or HCL its better you read the editorial column in the news papers and follow the below stated steps.

i. Experiment with synonyms

After you see the meaning of a word, look up its usage in the sentence that is usually present in the dictionary. Note down this sentence. Prepare a new sentence after understanding the meaning of the word.

ii. Prepare sentences with antonyms

So the next step is to find the antonym of the word, this further helps you to store the word well in your mind. Now try to form a sentence or couple of sentences with the antonyms.

iii. Compare synonyms and antonyms

Use both the synonym (a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word) and the antonym to construct sentences using the same context or situation. This procedure enables you to see a word from both sides.

If you can follow this strategy, it would definitely solve your problem of learning new words without forgetting their meaning. 

iv. Important: Use the same context

You should always use the same background to write sentences using a new word, its synonyms and antonyms. If you use different circumstances, events or situations to get acquainted with the meaning and the usage of a word, there is a strong possibility that you may get confused.

It is the context that will always remind you of how the word is used, and will ensure you don’t forget the meaning easily.

This part will work only if you have a sufficient time to work out. Most of us don’t follow these steps so we need a shortcut.

Shortcuts work, you can’t expect 100% result when your gonna use shortcuts and most of these tricks are tricky too…

GRE Techniques can be used:

Week before the placements go for the online test link and apply these techniques and see if they are working out for you… These tricks are enough for all companies, but Infosys it won’t work out


Trick 1

Try to put the word in a sentence or a phrase and guess its meaning

Trick 2

When you have a word try to guess all its synonyms and from the answers see the exact word which has the same meaning, in the case of antonym the opposite meaning

Trick 3

Read all the options, most of us think of time and come up with the answer which has close match to the word. But there is an actual word with the same meaning hidden there.

Trick 4

First know the part of the speech the word is used in… For example the word run can be used as a verb but it could also be used as noun like ‘home run’ so make sure you know the part of speech before answering.

Trick 5

Some words are eye catchy, you immediately think its going to be the antonym/synonym, but most of the guesses are not gonna be right so go through the options once again unless your sure of the answer.


Don’t expect the questions to be so easy as shown in the website


This book has lot many tricks and tips that work out for your synonyms and antonyms. Read these tips when you have time and try to apply them. One more thing don’t spend too much time understanding them because some tricks are easy while others start confusing you. Take up the tips which you understand easily. These tips help you when you need to answer the questions quickly with in the allotted time.

Hrer is an online video of GRE high frequncy words. There are about 50 video in its playlist on youtube so stop reading and start watching!!





All the best…


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