F8 Developers Conference (Facebook)

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Trends

Lets expect some great changes to the Facebook as the…..

Facebook’s annual developer’s conference, will go live on 22nd September this year. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zukerberg is expected to launch some cool new features and also a music service in this occasion.

You can watch it live here!

The event is going to be held in San Francisco on 22 September 2011. The event costs about 400$ however it is relayed online so that the entire world could watch it online. It said Mark Zukerberg is going to launch some new products to compete with its rival Google+

The event will start at 10:00am PST/ 1:00pm EST… So watch the event and know about the latest new services that Facebook is going to offer you. I am posting the agenda.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

8:30am PDT Registration
10:00am PDT Opening Keynote
11:30am PDT Lunch and networking
12:30-4:30pm PDT Breakout Sessions



Click Here to move to the live video…..


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