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Posted: June 28, 2012 in Jobs, Placements

Interview in college

For many students joining in the corporate office is their dream, most of them fancy that they will one day become coders, some think that they would earn money, some think of fancy gadgets, some dream of on site trips and  some dream of corporate world has beautiful girls or handsome boys. I agree to this because I am one among them.

Final year of college getting placed in a company is the dream of a student, can’t say it’s really a dream of student but it’s the dream of a parent to see his/her child placed in a company and proudly say others that their son/daughter is placed.

What really happens inside the corporate world?

So on the day one you are put into a training, there is no real use of the training or could I say it’s just a formality like the exams which we have in our colleges, we learn nothing from the training. Similar to college the trainers are typical lecturers if you ask them something they you to search it out, or sometimes to try yourself so that they could remain on the safe side. The trainees are typical students as usual last-minute studies in order to pass the exams. The project called mini project in the last few days is like our mini-project at college, full of fun you can fool your trainer because we are already trained well in making fool of our lecturers.

must hurry… I am late to office

Once we finish our training we think from now on we are going to be happy because there are no more exams and no one who is gonna teach us.

At Office:

So it’s time to go to office, when you reach there you find that you are not alloted project! and the other guy who scored less than you is alloted a project. You will be still happy because you have company of other friends. Now the next tension starts, you start scratching your head thinking when you’re gonna get a project. In many MNC’s they call this period with different names some say it as free pool while some say it as bench period. This is the hardest period of a software engg life, no one to chat with while other employees will be busy working on their projects(In majority of the cases the working really denotes chatting with some other employee at other office). I really can’t say all the employees are chatting because the company is driven by the force of employees. So let’s take it other way some chat while many work.

One day after a month in some cases even months  you get a mail saying that your offered a project and the client wants to interview you before letting you into his project. Now all of a sudden we start taking the books and start reading all the concepts like we do before the lab exams to perform well in viva(I remember still days in college when we used to refer textbooks and study in a hurry to clear the viva and score good marks) .

Third Phase

Now you have joined the project so entire new world all of a sudden. Your manager calls you and says “Whatever you have studied in your training will be of no use here” and gives you a couple of books and asks you to read them. I can’t say really how one feels that minute but you try to comfort yourself.  The entire office looks like a bunch of aliens from different planets now the next task ahead of you is to know each and every one of them(It’s like college again seniors act as seniors). At the end you get along with the freshers in the team and some of your friends and try to feel comfortable and start with the new task which is given to you learning the new things which the manager has given to you.

Can’t really say all the freshers are keenly involved with the job most of them have other plans of going higher studies and some have their own plans of quitting the jobs to join some new companies. These are some hidden secrets which won’t be told unless your really getting intimate with them.

Now let’s say that you given the task of development, where the client provides you the requirements and gives you a deadline of 30 days to complete them…!

Last minute inspiration

Day1: Reading Requirements and chatting

Day2:Chatting with friends

Day3: Chatting


Day21:First time you finish reading the client requirement document

Day28: You start coding in panic(this is the inspiration).

Day31: You code but you don’t test it

Your deadline finishes you beg your manager for extension of a day or two. Your not the only person asking for extension but half of the team will be asking for the extension of the time.

Meetings are for fun

I asked my friends about the meeting and what they discuss in the meeting, He says when a meeting is called they will be talking among themselves when they laugh we need to laugh, when they are serious we need to be serious. I asked them twice about the conclusion drawn from the meeting, he turns to me and giggles at me.

I have seen some meetings where people give presentations, draw flow charts, speak well impress other colleges and have cookies. I can’t say all the meetings are like this but conclusions and decisions are made in the meetings. All the decisions are really not taken care of.

Out of the 10 decisions made let’s say less than 5 decisions are met, now again another meeting regarding the other 5 decisions and it goes on… and on…

My senior

Now the most important thing seniors we all have seniors in our schools, in high schools and in colleges. It has always remained the same they make fun of you, shout at you, point you even if they are wrong .. but…but.. let me say they will be always your real teachers your real guidance towards success. Once you get along with them they will be your friends.

There is something you must know from your college days, or can I say even you have shown this to your juniors EGO.

So if your seniors know much then he expects you to work like him, he is the best and he/she expects the same from you. So be careful if you are having a talented senior then your chances of developing in the field is double and at the same time you need to do double the hard work of your friends.

You can seek as much as knowledge from them, its up to you decide that you’re gonna utilize them or not.


So, within you understand all the knowledge and apply them practically it will be almost 2-3 years in the company and by now you will starting to search for a new job expecting a hike in your salary and new expectations that you will be given power.


I am quitting



I expect out of 100, 80 people will ask these questions and less than 20 will get that final reply because all of the exp people are definitely given hike and taken in by different companies…!





All these assumptions are made not to hurt any people. It was made based on my experiences in the company.. Lets hope that I am not hurting any one.

Share your comments with me 🙂



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